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  • 10 Reasons to plan on attending the OCHMRA Spring Trade Expo

    January 28, 2019

    10 Reasons to plan on attending the OCHMRA Spring Trade Expo

    The 45th Annual Hotel and Restaurant Trade Expo is fast approaching!  Only 6 weeks away, the excitement and energy is ever-present! Here are the top ten reasons not to miss the 45th Annual Trade Expo!
    1. Buyers can find everything they need for their business from top-quality suppliers under one roof. 
    2. It’s common to negotiate great deals on the spot.
    3. Many vendors offer “Show Specials” to get you started on their product at a great savings to you.
     4. There’s not a better place to check out the latest and most innovative goods and services on the market.
     5. Valuable business relationships are always a plus, and they are easy to establish “one on one” in the casual atmosphere of the trade show.
     6. Don’t know what it is, how it is used or what it tastes like?   Here you can see actual product demonstrations and receive samples.
     7. Free workshops covering a variety of important subjects.  A great way to learn about the latest trends.
     8. And, after you’ve finished all this hard work checking out the Trade Expo, you can enjoy off-season rates at the beach.
     9. Restaurants feature specials, and some introduce their new ideas for the upcoming season.
     10. Ocean City’s Boardwalk, named one of the top three such seaside attractions by the Travel Channel, offers attractions, food, shopping & bike rentals right along the Atlantic Ocean.
    With close to 400 exhibit booths offering products and services, make sure you have plans to attend this hospitality expo ~ it’s where buyers & sellers meet!

    Register here. https://oceancitytradeexpo.com/admission-policies-register