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    November 06, 2018
    Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services (WYFCS) is a nonprofit family support center that helps families and children through mental health counseling, youth enrichment programs, family empowerment opportunities, and efforts that protect abused and neglected children.  Each year the agency serves more than 1,000 families, located primarily in Worcester County. 
    This summer WYFCS started a new program that we call "The Bus Stop Snack Shack".  We set up at local bus stops all over the county to provide snacks, community resources and free books to children as they get off the bus.  Our goal is to meet the children and families, where they are, in their own community to determine the best way to help them.  Community leaders, civic organizations and local school personnel have participated in these events.  We recently learned there is tremendous need for basic toiletries and cleaning supplies for the underserved population of Worcester County as these are often the first items sacrificed when money is limited.  The Huffington Post reported that certain at-risk populations are living in emerging “Hygiene Poverty” and that “long before people go to a food bank, they will stop buying hygiene products”.  Numerous studies indicate that good hygiene helps maintain good health and dental hygiene is particularly important at staving off various illnesses and diseases.
    The Bus Stop Snack Shack will have our December event at the Snow Hill Head Start on December 19, 2018 and the Pocomoke Head Start on December 12, 2018.  A total of 100 children at the 2 facilities represent the families in need living in the south end of Worcester County.  The holidays are a time for families, good food and gift giving.  To help with the often-unspoken needs, we will be collecting toiletries and cleaning supplies until December 1, 2018 for gift bag distribution.  If you or your organization would like to help, please drop off your donation at 124 N Main Street, Suite C, Berlin, MD or Call Debbie Smullen at 410-641-4598.