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  • Worcester Goes Purple - How can you get Involved?

    July 12, 2019
    Worcester Go Purple Campaign - August 31 - September 30, 2019
    Participate in Worcester Goes Purple campaign with employees and county properties:
    • Proclamation on 9/3/19 - National Recovery Month - Commissioner's meeting
    • Dress in Purple on Friday, September 6th
    • Photo on Gov't Steps - Sept. 6th at 12pm with banner
    • 3rd Floor Awareness Table in Government Center
    • Yard Sign for county property locations for September
    • Outdoor Purple Bows on Columns
    • Purple light bulbs changed on Government Center Entrance
    • Banner 2x8 on Market Street with purple spotlight on timer
    • Campaign Kickoff - August 30th - Set timer for 6:00pm to light up banner on 8/31@6pm
    • The official date to turn lights to purple is on Saturday August 31, 2019 at 6:00pm which is Overdose Awareness Day. September is the Official Purple Month
    Request - Debbie Smullen will be contacting County Administration support to Worcester Goes Purple Community Awareness Campaign:
    • WGP Banner on Rt. 50 located near/proximity to Welcome to Worcester Sign
    Sheriff's Office support to Worcester Goes Purple Awareness Campaign:
    • Purple pin ribbons
    • Magnetic on vehicles
    • Attend 4 outreach events in 4 locations in county
    • Patches for uniform(may not be available)
    • Sgt. Passwater is coordinating with Tamara Mills at BOE
    WCBOE support to Worcester Goes Purple Awareness Campaign:
    • Shorebird Kickoff - 8/22/19 Shorebird Game - 8/22/2019 - Worcester Goes Purple will be incorporated in Lou Taylor Bobblehead night. AGH will be raffling off donated purple themed items such as bike, etc. Hudson Health donating 500 #1 Purple Fingers to be given out at game
    • Board Employees - tye dye event to create purple t-shirts
    • TBA
    Town of Ocean City support Worcester Goes Purple Awareness Campaign:
    • Proclamation - 9/3/19 - evening meeting
    • Candlelights in OC Government building will change to purple bulbs
    Town of Berlin support Worcester Goes Purple Awareness Campaign:
    •  Purple lights on trees
    • Change bulbs on light post
    •  Purple ribbons on light post
    •  Promotion to business owners to storefronts to reflect purple
    •  Town Hall will highlight purple awareness on the building.
    •  School art project to create posters for downtown storefronts
    •  Purple rocks throughout town
    Worcester Goes Purple Community Events:
    1. Outreach tables with awareness and rock painting will provided by Worcester County Developmental Center - Aktion Club sponsored by Kiwanis will be painting 12 pounds of rocks with foundation colors of purple, white and pink for rock painting messages written at 4 outreach events in county
    2. Blessing of the Combines - Snow Hill - 8/3/19
    3. 4th Friday Street Festival - Pocomoke - 08/23/19
    4. Small Town Throw-Down - Berlin - 09/07/19
    5. SunFest - Ocean City - 09/21/2019
    • AGH - Kickoff Event - 8/30/19 - Hospital lobby promoting event with outreach tables and activities from 10-3pm
    • PRMC - Party in the Pines with incorporate Worcester Goes Purple Awareness - 09/18/2019
    • IG Burton - Car/Ribbon - Worcester Goes Purple Awareness on Rt. 50
    • Ocean Pines - TBA - meeting this week.
    • Grace Center - Motherhood Walk - 7/20/19 - Stephen Decatur Park
    • Atlantic Club Recovery Walk - 9/7/2019 - Ocean City
    1. Atlantic Club will be building a mediation garden at their facility. Garden will a dry bed "purple" rock river. Garden plans and funding has been approved by Atlantic Club. Installation - TBA
    • Worcester County Libraries will have purple outreach tables in all branches
    • Worcester Rec. & Park has their own plans for purple for the month of September
    • Welcome Center Pocomoke will have purple outreach table.
    For more information contact Kelly Brinkley
    Volunteer Services Manager
    phone 410-632-0090, ext. 1403
    website: WorcesterVolunteer.org
    Facebook: Worcester County Volunteer Connection
    Twitter: @WorCoVolunteer
    Volunteer Services Division
    Worcester County Government Center
    One West Market Street Room 1309
    Snow Hill, MD 21863-1213