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  • 2011 Flounder Tournament Registration Form
    Saturday August 6th 2011 7:00AM - 3:00PM
    Weigh Ins at the Ocean Pines Marina 12:00PM - 3:00PM
    Name (s)
    Name (s)
    Street Address
    # of Entries
    Credit Card
    Credit Card#
    FREE T-Shirt to First 100 Entrants!
    T-Shirt Size
    Agree to Tournament Rules (below)
    All Entries Must Be Received by Thursday August 4th 2011
    If paying by check please download registration form and mail in to: Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce 11031 Cathell Road Berlin, MD 21811 Questions: call 410-641-5306
    Note: Entry Fee is Non-Refundable
    RULES: Fishing from Shore, Pier, Private Boat, Flounder Party Boats or Charter Boats is allowed. All participants expressly by their entry in this tournament release the Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce and its Board of Directors and the owners of the property on which any tournament activity may occur, from any and all liability or losses for liable, slander, damage, negligence, injury or death suffered by any entrant, participant, companion, crew, guest or family member that may result from any tournament activity on land or sea. I understand and agree to abide by the rules of the Flounder Tournament as stated above.